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Welcome to West Coast Mini Sidecars


 We are the only west coast dealer of ATM mini sidecars.  This site is dedicated to pocketbike sidecars. In case your wondering what a pocketbike sidecar is, let me explain! A pocketbike sidecar is more than a VERY small motorcycle with a sidecar attached. They are purpose built racing machines known as hacks that compete on Go-cart tracks and in parking lots. (Note, these are real racing machines and not intended or designed for play time on the street). Before we go on, yes, two people ride it at the same time, otherwise known as "the shoe horn of togetherness". The person holding onto the handlebars is called the driver and the passenger is called the "monkey" for obvious reasons when you look at the photographs.

    Please click pic to enlarge

The sidecars have no suspension and are powered by a 40cc Polini engine which puts out 12 horse power. The sidecars, like all other pocketbikes are automatic. Just twist the throttle and go. Sidecars have a top speed of about 30 miles an hour depending on gearing. Granted that doesn't sound like much but, when your chin or any other body part is hanging off it, it appears you are going mach 6! Especially since you are only about 2 inches off the ground! Like all motorcycles that have a sidecar connected they do not handle or respond like its two wheeled brothers. In the case of mini sidecars the monkey is the one who actually does the steering. The driver is simply turning the handlebars and holding on for dear life. In order to turn to the left the monkey must lean away from the sidecar as far as possible and to turn right the monkey must climb on the drivers back- it's a "great way to get to know each other". Without the monkey doing these movements the sidecar will continue to go straight no matter how much you turn the steering wheel! In other words......... Hello hay bale or worse. Sidecar racing is a true team sport and when done correctly is a thing of beauty. We call ours a marriage counselor, LOL.

For any monkey questions E-mail Suzanne at

For any drivers questions E-mail Dan at

All products sold by West Coast Mini Sidecars are designed to be used by experts for racing only. They are capable of very high speeds, and may react with sudden, unpredictable, violent acceleration and turning movements. Motorsports racing can potentially result in serious bodily injury or death. These products are not designed or approved for highway use, and should NEVER be used on public roads.  Mini sidecars are inherently unstable by nature and should only be driven by experienced teams.  Use at your own risk.  Helmet and protective gear should be worn at all times during their operation to minimize potential injuries. Even though these are small and cute, we do not recommend children under 18 operate these, however, should they do so it should only be under the strict supervision of an adult, as with any other motorized device.  Under no circumstances shall West Coast Mini Sidecars, its distributor or manufacturer be held liable by anyone while in, on, about or do to the operation of these machines, including use or misuse.  These machines are only designed for racing and track practice.  The owner of the mini sidecar is responsible for any and all injuries that occur, expected or not, and will hold West Coast Mini Sidecars, the distributor and the manufacturer harmless from any and all injuries that do occur.  Bear in mind the old saying there are two types of motorcycle riders.  Ones that have fallen and those that will.  In other words, if you ride long enough or compete in racing you WILL get hurt.   If you are afraid you will get hurt these are not the machines for you and your partner.  Simply said: I told you so.



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